Luci Lights Brighten the World

“You hold in your hands the power to not only give light to a dark room, but also to give hope to a struggling student, health to a new baby, opportunity to a businessman and promise to an overwhelmed parent. Give a light — change a life. It’s that simple. It’s that profound.”


The All About the Light foundation gives, at no cost, small but powerful inflatable solar-powered lights — Luci Lights — to travelers of the world so that they may in turn personally give the lights to those who live without electricity, the 1.3 billion energy-impoverished people of the world.

Typically, the energy-poor use a single kerosene-fueled flame to light the darkness of their life. This often leads to eye infections and respiratory illnesses especially in children. To pay for the kerosene trees are usually cut and the wood sold leading to wide spread deforestation and habitat loss. When you give a Luci Light it allows a girl to do her homework after her chores are done and to thus stay in school longer and have a better life. It allows a midwife to properly attend at a difficult night birth and a mother to properly take care of her family when daylight is gone. It allows children to safely walk home from school on the edge of a twilight road and it allows a father a chance at a second job to better support his family.

Luci Lights in the Wild

All About the Light has donated more than 1,000 Luci Lights in 27 countries around the world.