All About the Light is a non-profit corporation organized to give travelers- especially photographers- small, solar powered lights so that they will, in turn, personally give the lights to an energy-impoverished person they meet on their travels.  This is a grassroots, person-to-person initiative powered by the sun and energized by caring souls.

The solar-powered lights, called Luci Lights, are made by MPOWERD and are easy to use and easier to carry. Compressed, each Luci Light is about 5” across and 1” thick and weighs next to nothing. When inflated the Luci Light becomes a 5” cylinder that is able to illuminate a room or a modest-sized hut. A smaller Luci Light is also available as is one with frosted sides and one with multicolored LED lights.

The simple act of giving a Luci Light has profound consequences. In many parts of the world education is expected for boys but is only tolerated for girls and only if they get their chores done first. A Luci Light allows schoolgirls to read, study and do their homework at night and thus keep up in school.

A Luci Light also eliminates costly kerosene bills (often more than 20% of annual expenditure) allowing that money to go to food or school uniforms or notebooks or a book or two. A Luci Light also allows a mother or grandmother to properly care of her family- to cook for them, to tend them, to play with them, to bathe them, to simply love them. A Luci Light allows a midwife to assist an evening birth and deliver a healthy baby to a happy mother. It allows a doctor to effectively care for a sick child or do an emergency procedure at night. Or it allows a mechanic to fix a needed car in the dark, a farmer tend to a sick animal at night or a family to safely walk a narrow roadside at twilight

But there is more to a Luci Light than being able to see or read or work at night. By allowing these simple acts to take place, a Luci Light also gives a student opportunity, a mother hope and a father a chance to do better for his family. This is the magical ingredient of a Luci Light, the part that you, as a Giver of Light, enable.

The energy impoverished people who live in developing countries have the same dreams and desires as all people do but they happen to live where life is hard and chances are slow in coming. A Luci Light will tip the balance of a person’s life toward hope and opportunity. It will literally light the way to a better life. Be a part of this change, be a Giver of Light.



Konditi Primary School — Pap-Onditi, Kenya

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