Board of Directors

Donald Campbell

Donald was raised in and lives in Bennington, Vermont and is the Southwest Regional Director for the Vermont Land Trust. Donald is an original board member of the Walloomsac Farmer’s Market and is a brand new member of the Bennington Select Board. Donald’s many years in the non-profit world and his knack of asking me good question will be of great value to AATL. Donald lives on his family farm in the southwestern corner of Vermont with his wife, Meg, a dog, a horse and numerous cats, rabbits and chickens.

Lisa Cueman

Lisa lives close by to me in Vermont and is a professional photographer specializing in fine art horse photography. I asked Lisa to be on the board for her experience and success in the fine art world (which I hope to somehow exploit) but mostly because she sees the world slightly differently than I do. I like her creative approach to issues and ideas. Lisa also teaches with me and shares my passion for straying off the beaten path both intellectually and geographically. Lisa lives in Dorset, Vermont wit her husband John.

Sandy Dunlap

Sandy is the Chief Planning and Administrative Officer for the Nurse Family Partnership based in Denver and has three decades of experience in general management and marketing. Sandy is an avid outdoorsman with whom I have had the pleasure of traveling, hiking and skiing. He has much needed concrete experience in trouble shooting, growing and maintaining small businesses and consequently knows much about what I know little about. Sandy lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, Gale.

Bob Krist

Bob is Peggy’s husband and also a co-Director of the Jonathan Krist Foundation. He has had a very long and renown career as professional photographer and videographer. Bob’s main professional focus has been travel photography having worked with all the big travel photography outlets and magazines in particular the National Geographic Society. Bob’s combined experience in the two worlds of photography and philanthropy will be a great aid to future growth of AATL.

Peggy Krist

Peggy is a co-Director of the Jonathan Krist Foundation whose purpose is to honor the memory of her youngest son through music scholarships and music teaching awards. Like Lisa, Peggy’s brain is tuned to a different frequency than mine and thus I find her ideas and insights to be extremely valuable. Peggy has years of experience running a small non-profit organization and of working with and helping disadvantaged, inner city, young adults. Peggy lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Michael Middleton

Michael is my older brother and a retired geology professor Emeritus from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. He shares my passion for travel and birds and was with me when the idea for All About the Light hatched in Uganda. Michael has seen the powerful effect of Luci Lights on the energy impoverished and understands their impact on a first hand level. Michael lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, Mzia.