Welcome to All About the Light and the magic of a Luci Light. You are now an official Giver of Light. Here are a few things you need to know about your Luci Light.

Using a Luci Light is very straightforward:

  1. Inflate or extend the Luci Light by pinching the inflation value.
  2. Let the solar battery charge the light for a few hours (8-10 hours for maximum charge).
  3. Push the power button to turn it on.

You are now an expert on using a Luci Light. There is one important caveat — do not inflate the Luci Light to its maximum extent. When it is charging in sunlight the heat will cause a fully inflated Luci Light to expand even more and it may rupture. A ruptured light still works but its effectiveness is compromised. So never fully inflate the light. An almost inflated Luci Light looks a bit wrinkly but it still works just as well.

One of the most important tenets of All About the Light is the person-to-person connection that occurs when a Luci Light is given to an energy-impoverished person. I therefore ask you, when at all possible, to please give your Luci Light directly, personally, to a person in need. Linger a bit, enjoy their surprise, shake their hand, bask in their smile...and yours too! It’s a wonderful, powerful moment.

The hand-off also needs to include a quick how-to-use demonstration. As you are explaining/demonstrating how to use the Luci Light be sure to emphasize the partial inflation rule and the necessity of orienting the Luci Light solar batteries toward the sun or another source of light for recharging. And don’t let a potential language barrier stop you from giving away a light. You will be amazed how multilingual and effective your gestures and pantomiming can be.

As a Giver of Light it can sometimes seem difficult or impossibly inconvenient to find an energy-impoverished person or family while you are traveling. This is especially true if you are on a tour with a tight itinerary. It is not impossible though.

I have found that in developing countries many of the people who work or help at lodges, camps, roadside cafes, markets or tourist centers are in need of a Luci Light. A few inquiries by your guide, driver or host is often enough to find an appropriate person or family. Often I have found that being observant is all that is necessary to find the right person or family. You just have to make a bit of an effort.

Finally, we ask that if it is at all possible, please take a picture or two of the Luci Light exchange and attach it to an email to us at allaboutthelight.org. We will post it in the Givers Gallery on our website. Photos showing the person with the light and/or the light in use are particularly compelling. And please tell us where in the world you were when you gave away the Luci Light. This follow-up information is very important to us at All About the Light and it keeps our spirits high.

Thank you for being a Giver of Light and for sharing the gift of a Luci Light. I hope you will find the experience to be as moving as I have found it to be. You hold in your hands the power to not only give light to a dark room but also to give hope to a struggling student, health to a new baby, opportunity to a businessman and promise to an overwhelmed or over worked parent. Hope, Health, Opportunity and Promise. That is the magic, the power of a Luci Light. Thank you for helping All About the Light. Give a light — change a life.

David Middleton
Executive Director, All About the Light

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